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About Us

PingTank is a Tim Draper (billionaire Silicon Valley VC) / Mark Pincus (founder of Zynga) backed tech company that specializes in 2D/3D overlay technology for mobile platforms. Our PingTank utility app was launched with Facebook at the F8 conference in March of 2015 as part of the new Messenger third-party platform.


Available as a standalone solution or with your existing application via our SDK


Utilizing the latest technology and features


Simple and clean, our solution is always mainstream and cool



PingTank is our original consumer app that has seen over 600,000 downloads since its launch. It also has a bevy of celebrity influencers using and promoting it.

2.5M+ app launches

12.5M+ in-app animation previews

1.8M+ unique PingTank videos created

Emogine (Coming 2017)

Our new B2B SDK solution, which integrates seamlessly into existing iOS and Android applications. It allows you to place branded animations and experiences on top of photos and videos (a la Snapchat, Masquerade, and iD). The system runs natively in its own app, as well as through a plugin for other apps, making the experience available to brands customers’ anywhere/when/how they want that experience to exist.

Available as:

SDK that would integrate seamlessly into existing iOS and Android applications

Customized standalone solution that we would build to your specification

Executive Team

The current team was assembled by CEO Rich Wheeless and Co-Founder & EVP of Business Development Lars Halvor Jensen in the fall of 2015 and represent the pinnacle of their respective disciplines.

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PingTank is headquartered in Los Angeles and also has offices in London and San Francisco.


Los Angeles, CA

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